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What to do in St Barts on a rainy day?

Posted by wimcoreadmin on May 14, 2024

The weather is not always kind, even in the tropical paradise of St Barts. So if you are on the island and it rains, don’t worry! There are still lots of activities to enjoy.

This article focuses on some potential things you do while in St Barts if the weather is not favorable.

Enjoying the rain

Before looking at indoor activities, it is important to remember that rainy days can provide unique experiences in St Barts.

During a drizzle or shower, the island’s lush greenery comes alive and the palms’ leaves rustle gently as droplets fall upon them creating a serene ambiance. So, feel free to take a walk in the rain around the island or get wet with a swim inside the warm Caribbean waters.

Indoor Activities in St Barts

Visit Wall House Museum

The Wall House Museum, located in Gustavia, is a historic site that now hosts temporary exhibitions and the municipal library. Originally known as the “Steinmetz House” during the Swedish era, this stone building might have served various purposes, such as a theater, hotel, or conference venue. Its current name, “Wall House,” is inspired by the solidity of its stone walls.

Situated near the forecourt of the community at Pointe de Gustavia, this museum is an excellent option for discovering local history on a rainy day.

Check out The Brigantin museum

The Brigantin Museum in Gustavia has been a listed historic building since 1990. Constructed around 1820 and having survived the great fire of 1852, this house was restored by its owner, the honorary consul of Sweden.

The property, including the house, gardens, and other outbuildings, now belongs to the community and serves as a territorial museum. It houses archives and objects representative of the island’s heritage, thanks to the support of the Lion’s Club and the island’s residents.

Go for spa day

There is no better way to spend your day than seeking a luxurious treatment at one of St Barts exquisite spas during a downpour !

These resorts are famous across Caribbean because they offer various therapies and services that help you relax and revitalize yourself. It does not matter what you like, be it a massage, facial, body, wrap, scrub – there is something for everyone.

So sit back, relax and let the rain on your spa date make that perfect background noise.

Shop at Gustavia

Shopping becomes a preferred activity to enjoy the island while staying dry.

Gustavia, with its streets lined with luxury boutiques, offers an upscale shopping experience. From international brands to local designers, there is something for every taste and budget. Art galleries and craft stores also provide a great opportunity to discover local talent and bring back unique souvenirs from the island.

Get active

When the skies in Saint-Barthélemy turn cloudy, it’s the perfect time to explore the indoor sports options the island has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to maintain your workout routine or try something new, there’s a variety of activities available. From classic weight training to yoga classes and dance sessions, there are activities for all levels and interests.

The island’s sports facilities, such as Form Fitness in Lurin, not only provide an opportunity to stay active during the rain showers but also to meet other fitness enthusiasts. Engaging in indoor sports in Saint-Barthélemy when it rains is a productive and invigorating way to enjoy your stay without depending on the weather.

Take cooking class

Taking a cooking class is an excellent way to discover the delicious local cuisine. Private chefs on the island offer cooking courses where you can learn to prepare authentic Caribbean dishes.

This interactive activity not only keeps you engaged when it rains but also provides the tasty reward of enjoying your own culinary creations at the end of the session.

Go to the town library

Located on the upper floor of the Wall House Museum in Gustavia, the town library is a peaceful setting, ideal for escaping through reading, exploring a wide selection of books, or simply enjoying a moment of calm.

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