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The four seasons in Saint Barts

Posted by wimcoreadmin on November 10, 2022

The island of Saint Barthélémy has a great climate for one’s holidays. With sunshine and warmth throughout the year, the average temperature in January is 26°C / 78°F and 29°C / 84°F in August. Discover the four seasons in this article.

Summer in St-Barts

The summer months in Saint Barthélemy bring new weather patterns. Hurricane season starts in June and is characterized by hot weather and a lot of wind.

Before traveling to St. Barts during the summer period, keep in mind that temperatures can get very hot, reaching over 32°C/90°F. If you are looking for warm weather and sunshine, June is the perfect time to go, with over 13 hours of daylight.

The low season in St. Barts is synonymous of humidity, rain and hurricanes. The hurricane season usually begins in July/August and brings a steady wind.

The summer months are a great time to visit St. Barts if you’re looking for a tranquil Caribbean Island getaway. With fewer tourists around, you can enjoy empty beaches and quieter tours of the island. This is also a popular time of year for events like Gustavia Day (celebrating St. Barth culture) and Bastille Day (honoring the island’s French heritage).

Fall in St-Barts 

Fall in Saint Barts is unpredictable with some days bringing beautiful and clear skies, warm, tropical weather, and others bringing heavy precipitation from oncoming hurricanes. Because of the uncertain weather conditions, fall is usually the least popular time to visit St. Barts.

September has the highest chance of hurricanes and October is the wettest month, with rain occurring over half the days.

As previously mentioned, the St. Barts tourism industry slows down during the low season and makes it the perfect time for locals to take vacations away from the island. As a result, most beach clubs, resorts and leisure centers are closed.

During the fall, the island of St. Barts is much quieter, and visiting in late October is a popular time for early birds trying to escape the tourist crowds arriving in high-season.

Winter in St-Barts

The best time to visit St. Barts is definitely over the winter period which spreads from December to February. The perfect weather makes it a popular destination for snowbirds on their holiday breaks.

St. Barts attracts most of its tourists starting November, especially around Thanksgiving. This is a great time to experience the island’s vibrant energy and participate in the activities available.

Temperatures average the 21 to 26°C / 70 to 80°F with significantly less rainfall than other seasons, making it an ideal climate for spending time on the beach, enjoying Gustavia, the capital, or visiting other attractions on the island.

Winter being the most popular time to visit St. Barts, make sure to book your hotel, villas, island tours or – even more important – your restaurant reservations at the soonest to ensure availability.

Spring in St-Barts

For some, the ideal time to visit St. Barts is during spring time, when the high season is coming to an end but when the hurricane winds have not yet arrived. Visitors will be able to experience all of the island’s beauty and join in on celebrations of many heritage festivals.

The spring months run from March to May and are the coolest of the St. Barts’ season. The weather is beautiful and tropical, with temperatures that are identical with the winter months: 21 to 26°C / 70 to 80°F except that there is not much rain, so water temperatures remain warm enough to enjoy spending time at the beach.

When the spring season comes to an end, St. Barts starts staging some of the its biggest cultural festivals, among which the famous St. Barts Bucket Regatta.

The best part of visiting St. Barts in the spring is that there are fewer crowds, so you can enjoy all the island’s luxuries at your own pace.

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