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Types of Restaurants on the Island of St Barth

Posted by postadd on June 5, 2024

St Barths is famous for its diverse and rich culinary scene which reflects both cosmopolitan influences and local traditions. Here are some types of restaurants you can find on this beautiful Caribbean island:

French cuisine

Many restaurants in St Barths have a French touch to them which is not surprising considering its history as a French colony. Le Papillon Ivre located in St Jean offers an intimate dining experience with gourmet French dishes served alongside fine wines. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon situated in Gustavia is known for its modern take on classic French cuisine served in an elegant setting. For a more laid-back French experience, Creperie St Barts serves delicious crepes and coffee perfect for a light meal.

Thai cuisine

If you are craving Thai flavors then Black Ginger located in Gustavia should be your go-to restaurant as it is the best Thai restaurant on the island according to many reviews. They serve traditional Thai dishes with a twist such as Thai ceviche and locally caught Mahi-Mahi with black pepper.

Japanese cuisine

Skybar is one of the places that represent Japanese cuisine well by offering world-class sushi in Gustavia while also having other options available too like sashimi etc. Alternatively, Nikki Beach offers a variety of sushi rolls and other international dishes in a lively setting.

Italian cuisine

In Saint-Barthélemy, L’Isola and L’Isoletta stand out for their authentic Italian culinary offerings. L’Isola, located in Gustavia, is renowned for its sophisticated recipes and homemade fresh pasta, prepared with ingredients imported directly from Italy, offering an elegant and memorable dining experience. Nearby, L’Isoletta provides a friendly atmosphere with a variety of Roman-style pizzas, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, and traditional Italian desserts, all made with ingredients imported from Italy, served on a pleasant covered terrace.

Caribbean cuisine

Eddy’s Ghetto located in Gustavia is a great place to go if you want some local flavor mixed with creole dishes served within a beautiful garden setting. Fish Corner also situated in Gustavia is a small eatery that focuses on fresh seafood caught daily including octopus, lobster etc..

International and fusion cuisine

Bonito located in Gustavia offers fusion cuisine by combining French and Latin American flavors together such as spiny lobster risotto and ceviche. Nikki Beach is known for its lively atmosphere where people can enjoy sushi, rotisserie chicken among other things while sipping creative cocktails .

Beachfront dining

Restaurants like Gyp Sea Beach (on St Jean Beach) provide bohemian-luxe vibes with dishes cooked on a wood-fired grill including rock lobster and jerk chicken. Shellona Beach (on Shell Beach) offers chic dining experience with unique cocktails and loungers for those who want to have a meal by the sea while relaxing at the same time

With such diversity in its culinary offerings, there is no doubt that St Barts has something for everyone when it comes to food which makes this island paradise even more appealing for travelers who love good food!

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