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Luxury Real Estate: St Barth Always Attracted

Posted by wimcoreadmin on August 22, 2022

There have been considerable gains in the Saint Barts real estate market over the past few years, including growth in the last recession. It offers specific features that make it a prevalent winter getaway location for wealthy and famous people.

A classic Caribbean Island lies behind a series of yacht marinas and nightclubs that lend a feeling that you are an elite member of the island’s exclusive clubs. Rent a car or a Moke to explore the entire 8.5 square miles of the island to its full potential.

1. Public island Saint Barths

In Saint Barts, there is a free market regarding the purchase and sale of movable goods. The European Union, the United States and Canada are permitted to manage local companies. Moreover, European citizens are allowed to stay in Saint Barts without needing a visa, unlike other nationalities.

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2. No tax evaders in Saint Barths

Saint Barts is well known for its high cost of living and for being considered an international tax haven. Its independent responsibilities include transportation, tourism, environmental law, and urban planning however, the island remains govern by French law. Moreover, Saint Barts does not maintain banking secrecy and has strict anti-laundering regulations. 

Thus, income taxes are no longer necessary because of this fact. There are several primary sources of income taxation in this country, including registration taxes (5%) as well as business taxes (1.40%), capital gains taxes on real estate (35 percent for eight years, then 20 percent), tourism taxes, customs duties, symbolic corporate taxes, and utility taxes.

3. St Barth’s Island Purchasers

Anyone interested in buying the island is welcome to do so. There is no requirement that you should be a resident of St. Barts or even French to be eligible to purchase the island.

4. The Process

Wimco Real Estate will ease the purchasing of your dream house on St. Barth. Once the agents have identified the right property for you, they will submit an offer to the owners. The notary will then draft a purchase contract that specifies the closing date. When a notary clears the title and registers documents in a real estate transaction, 10% of the total cost of the property is asked as a guarantee deposit before the signing of the deed of sale, which takes about 60 to 90 days to complete.

5. Purchase costs

A property purchaser also has to bear notary fees and transfer taxes. The notary is responsible for determining the exact amount that needs to be paid. Property taxes are not collected in St. Barthelemy. As a seller, it is your responsibility to pay taxes and commissions.

6. How immovable assets are sold and purchased

Transactions can be settled in Euros or US Dollars, but costs are always calculated and paid in Euros, the official money on the island. In addition to providing you with all the information you need before making an offer, an attorney will offer assistance in negotiating the right price and conditions. 

The buyer will have to consult a business attorney when looking to purchase a business. The latter will analyze and manage all of the potential risks for you to invest in the best way. It is usually the buyer’s responsibility to pay a 10% deposit to secure the deal. If the last closing date is not met, conditions precedents can protect the buyer from losing his earnest money. 

Two months after signing the preliminary contract, the parties seal it. This contract contains all of the conditions outlined in the initial contract, along with the necessary information and procedures for the transfer, but it repeats the initial agreement. The government appoints notaries to conduct the transactions and to file the deed of sale. Additionally, the notary also ensures that the title is in good and proper form. Please note that French people do not require title insurance.

7. Saint Barths real estate taxes

As a resident of Saint Barts, you do not pay any taxes on your rental income, and the amount paid by your tenants is tax-free. However, you have to pay a tourist tax of 5%. In general, owners have to pay this through their brokers. It does not matter whether the transfer of real estate property rights, shares, units, securities, or other interests in real estate property companies is domiciled on Saint-Barts territory; capital gains tax will apply regardless of the form of the transaction. In accordance with IRC article 100, the capital gains are taxed at 35% after eight years. After the eighth year, 10% of the capital gains are taxed at 10%.

8. Tax-exempt St Barth’s

You might want to incorporate this before closing a purchase agreement in Saint Barts to maximize your tax benefits since Saint Barts does not violate tax estate rights, moveable, or real estate. Saint Barts companies are only available for local banks or mortgage loans. Banks will not open accounts for entities they cannot identify.


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