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Find Your Luxury Villa in Gustavia, St. Barts

Posted by wimcoreadmin on August 26, 2022

Saint Barthélémy, also known as St Barts, is an island located on the easter side of the Caribbean and is part the overseas territory of France. Its primary town or capital city called Gustavia is the exclusive destination for luxury vacations and gateways. 

With its famous red-roof cases (meaning house in the local jargon), Gustavia is highly popular among the wealthy jetsetters who have rapidly established St Barts as their favorite private and high-end vacation spot featuring pricey and gourmet restaurants, designer boutiques. With Gustavia offers a slice of the Caribbean in one incredible city, it has it all! 

As the island increases in popularity, many people have started to consider St. Barts as a lucrative real estate investment opportunity. The benefits are numerous and you whether use your new purchase as a vacation rental property or use it as your secondary home. Overall, purchasing a good in Gustavia, St Barts is always an excellent investment.

Let’s discuss the many reasons why you should consider Gustavia as a place to buy a luxury villa.

1. Warm weather all year long.

One of the nicest advantages of Gustavia, St Barts apart from being the best location for your vacation home, is its incredibly consistent weather. Even the average number of rainy days stays relatively the same throughout the year in Gustavia. The average temperature ranges from 83.1 degrees Fahrenheit (28.4 Celsius) during the coldest month of February, and can go up to 88.9 degrees Fahrenheit (31.6 Celsius) during the warmest month of September. The climate in St Barts is tropical and features refreshing ocean breezes over the relatively flat landscape of the island.

villas gustavia st barts

The climate in Gustavia is tropical and features refreshing ocean breezes over the relatively flat landscape of the island of St. Barts.

2. Gustavia is a taste of Europe in the Caribbean.

Gustavia has long been under European influence. Originally, St. Barts was claimed by France in the 1600s, and then put under Swedish rule throughout the 1700s, before being sold back to France in the late 1800s. What are the benefits of Saint Barts being a French overseas territory? 

First of all, Euro is the official currency, second of all, French is the official language of Saint Barthelemy (but rest assured that everyone speaks English). Another handy similarity between St. Barts and Europe is that the outlets and electronic plugs are of European voltage. The food is largely European so is the shopping. You will enjoy this piece of Europe with a dash of tropical weather.

3. Villas are the most popular option of accommodation in St. Barts.

Hotels in Gustavia, St Barts, have high-standards but can be incredibly costly due to the limited number of hotels on the island. Moreover, hotels in St Barts are usually resort-style hotels. For those who want to enjoy the luxury of privacy, villas are a more popular option that many travelers and lovers of Gustavia choose over resort hotels. 

Staying in a private villa allows you to enjoy Gustavia to its fullest without experiencing the hustle and bustle of a hotel. Choosing to buy a villa will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip to paradise rather than having gone on a simple vacation.

4. Gustavia is full of fun and exciting things to do.

First of all, enjoy the many public beaches on St. Barts which are available to tourists and visitors. There are 22 total public beaches, of which 15 are known for being swimming beaches. At these beaches you can expect to wind surf, kayak, surf, fish, and go sailing. Fine dining is also a large part of the Gustavia experience

There are several French restaurants in the city that are high-class, luxury dining opportunities. St. Barts is also known for hosting a variety of events and races on the island, most of which take place in Gustavia. Between rum festivals and sailing regattas, there is no shortage of activities on the island.

5. Gustavia’s luxury offerings.

Most of the yachts and cruise ships visiting Gustavia remain in the harbor and creates part of the luxury backdrop of Gustavia. You will find luxury shopping options such as maison Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Dior among the gorgeous, red-roofed buildings. One of the reasons why Gustavia is location of choice for shopping is because it is duty-free

St. Barts is also frequently visited by celebrities and millionaires alike, such as the Kardashians or Leonardo Di Caprio. Prior to her untimely death, Princess Diana also visited the island during the winter months, it was one of her favorite vacation spots. Follow in the footsteps of the wealthiest celebrities and enjoy the offerings of Gustavia’s luxury villas.

What are you waiting for?

Between pristine beaches, luxury boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and gorgeous villas, what is there not to like about Gustavia, St. Barts? Gustavia is the perfect location in the Caribbean to purchase a luxury villa and spend the best time in your stunning vacation property in a city built for the stars.


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