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Doug’s Take On The Real Estate Market (January 2023)

Posted by wimcoreadmin on January 9, 2023

Doug’s Take On The Real Estate Market january 2023

For the first time in 20 years, the euro is almost at par with the dollar. What does this all mean in terms of St Barts real estate? 

Having lived through 3 times that the Euro and Franc went below par almost all real estate prices changed from euros to dollars, as well as most of the restaurants! The last time this happened, American buyers went on a spending spree, because who doesn’t like a good sale. Although Christmas and New Year’s was the normal parties and socializing, I am finding the first week of the New Year to be extremely active.

So, as the ultra-wealthy run for this save haven because of inflation, the euro dollar sale and a new “less development” leaning local government, we will probably see a very active winter 2022/2023 with a 15% + increase in prices. This is, of course, if all things remain equal, which they never do! To conclude, as I have mentioned in the past, the only thing that you can predict is unpredictability.

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