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A boat tour of Saint Barths

Posted by wimcoreadmin on April 7, 2024

boat tour st barts

To see the island from every angle, there is nothing like a catamaran/boat tour. A catamaran tour across St Barths’ pristine waters, picturesque beaches and breathtaking views is an absolute must for every traveler. In this article we will look at different options of catamaran tours, rentals and charters in St Barths.

Catamaran Tours

For those who want to discover the island and its surrounding waters, catamaran tours are a must.. Typically these tours last for a whole day and include visits to several beaches and snorkeling sites. In addition, some tours offer lunch on board the luxurious catamarans with open bars. Tour guides have rich information about the island’s history which makes it a good opportunity not only to learn something about St Barths but also enjoy a beautiful scenery.

Catamaran Rentals

If you prefer more privacy and flexibility, consider renting a catamaran. You could choose between full day or half day rentals where you can set your own itinerary. This is ideal for families or friends who want to spend time together on water during the day. Most rental agencies also provide snorkelling equipment and other water related toys that you can use.

Catamaran Charters

The best way to enjoy a truly extravagant experience is by chartering a catamaran in St Barths! It’s perfect for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings taking place here! There is a wide variety of models in this boat type that can accommodate from small number of people up to larger ones designed for big events. The company will help you personalized itinerary as well as provide qualified crew members which ensures smooth travel.

What to Expect

Regardless of what you opt for; a day on the water aboard a sailing boat in St Barthes is never forgotten easily. You can look forward to beautiful panoramas, swimming in clear water and sunbathing on gorgeous sandy beaches. Many tours or rentals also offer snorkeling trips in order to see the colorful marine life that surrounds the island. Also, these experiences often come with a delicious food and drinks for you to enjoy.

Tips for a Great Experience

• To make your day on a catamaran in St Barths even better, here are some things to know:

• Book ahead: Catamaran tours, rentals, and charters are known to get filled up quickly especially during tourist peak periods; therefore it is important that you book ahead of time.

• Carry sunscreen: The sun in the Caribbean can be very hot hence must bring your sunscreen.

• Swim suit and towel: Remember that you will have an opportunity to swim in the sea so ensure that you come with your swim wear and a towel.

• Take with you a camera: Catamaran views from St Barths are extremely picturesque thus don’t forget taking a camera along which will capture all nice moments.

An experience in St. Barths on a catamaran for one day is something spectacular not to be missed out on because of its breathtaking beaches and clarity of waters. Whichever option you choose among the boat tours, rentals, or chartering; it is certain that you will enjoy your time on the sea.

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